Sunday October 20 2019


Waking up bright and early at 7 a.m. to link up with everyone at the vans. Jimmy points out how there’s absolutely no wind in this Texan city.


I try to sleep as much as possible in the backseat curled up every which a way.


Date and Almond Bar with Coffee. Jimmy takes the wheel and I navigate in the passenger. Watching trailers of cattle and cows drive by with the occasional longhorn.



After about 5 hours we arrive in Greenville, Texas. Checking into the hotel for just enough time to take a shower and grab a Chicken Sandwich across the street.


A few miles down the road we load into the Texan Theater, which is located in a quaint ghost town of sorts with dive pubs on every corner. This place is historic and known for hosting Houdini’s magic show back in the 1890’s. Getting situated on stage – of course sound check is never complete without a few stressful moments. We barely have time to relax before we have to perform.



This show is special. They charge almost $200 per ticket, which I guess includes dinner. Only 6 people paid and showed up. Ha! Compared to the packed house we had last night it’s quite a contrast. But still we give those 6 people a powerhouse show. They responded well and even danced a little.



Afterwards, they serve us a nice dinner up on the top floor of the auditorium. Steak, Green Beans, Corn Pudding, and Chocolate Cake.



There’s some kind of tornado watch and a huge rainfall as we drive away from the theater. Thunder and lightning flash constantly.


After we all arrive back in our hotel rooms safely I hole up in mine reflecting and editing footage from the day. Grateful that we can afford to be rock stars with each person having their own room. I realize that’s a very valuable thing when on tour: privacy.


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