Monday October 21 2019


Waking up bright and early at 6:30 a.m. Van call is at 7.


Downstairs, in the lobby meeting up with what’s left of the A New World Record crew. Filling up on the complimentary breakfast: Oatmeal, Eggs, English Muffin, and Juice.


I take the wheel of the white rental van, which is in my name, and drive us all the way to the Dallas airport. It becomes a stressful and confusing situation locating the rental car drop off place and lugging our gear into check-in. The signage and the roads in these terminals are terrible. Anytime, you’re dealing with flights and driving you’re guaranteed to experience this. Ron and I partner up getting the vans dropped off and patiently wait through security, where you essentially have to dismantle yourself to get through.


I somehow left my iPod on Friday’s flight so I take an adventure looking for the lost and found for American Airlines. Turns out they didn’t have it.



On the flight to Norfolk I fortunately get a window seat and can nap for as long as I want. No layovers anywhere, just a straight shot.


Mom picks me up from the airport.


Back home. Unpacking and catching up on everything.


Setting up the studio for Fleetwood Mac rehearsal.


Everyone’s here except for Elliott. But we all play well and are feeling much more prepared and tight.


I’ve got a major headache. Sitting with Ana at the table enjoying Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chamomile Tea.



Ana and I chill out in bed till we fall asleep.

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