Saturday October 26 2019



The whole day is kind of a blur. Oatmeal breakfast was had. Loading up the truck with music gear for the big show. Mom is at the front desk at Music Makers not feeling great at all. She’s been unusually tired and upset about her current conditions. I feel bad cause I don’t know what I can do.


But I have to press on towards Norfolk. At Toast for the big LAVA Halloween show. I look forward to this every year cause it’s a one-off opportunity for the music community to come together and play pretend performing as other bands. We’re all out in the gravel parking lot with a big stage ready for a stellar lineup: Pavement, Tom Petty, System of a Down, Fleetwood Mac, The Strokes, and Black Sabbath. My role tonight is providing the drum set, playing drums/keys in Fleetwood Mac, and playing guitar in The Strokes.



At some point I’m able to eat an Egg Sandwich and some Tacos.


Hanging around with my Fleetwood Mac band mates. We truly look the part all dressed in 70’s Fleetwood wardrobe. It’s almost near perfect. Our set goes over amazingly. There seemed to be a lot of Fleetwood Mac fans that came just to see us – they sang along to every song. Most everything went to plan except for a few flubs here and there. I think I forgot the beat to “Go Your Own Way” in the first verse. But we really created a buzz. There’re rumors of future shows with this group.



I joke around with my Strokes buddies, “This is it!” a reference to a Strokes song that represents the unpreparedness we all feel after only having three rehearsals. We don’t do half bad. There’re a couple of sloppy moments but sometimes rawness in a band is what makes a great show. And Cameron, our lead singer Julian, really fell into the role marching around on stage swinging the mic stand and interacting with the audience. At some point a beer cup gets spilt near the monitors and mic cords – Cameron slides out in the audience creating a manic scene of rockness. It looks like a sea of people out there. According to Josh, there were about 600 people.


It’s all over with after 11 p.m. Everyone helps pack up and load out.


Finding out after the show that mom had to admit herself to the hospital. She was dehydrated and lacking in potassium. They ran a scan and found internal bleeding near the adrenal gland. We don’t know what this means for the moment until the morning.


Ana and I finish loading everything back into the studio and relax at home. She wore a Sailor Mars costume that’s kind of scandalous. She looks very attractive in it. We make fire in the bedroom.



[Most photo cred goes to Joe Justice] 



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