Sunday August 4 2019

Waking up in a hotel room at who knows what time but the sun is obviously out cause the curtains are pulled aside. Feeling headaches and hangovers. We say our goodbyes to Jordan and Amelia and head out of the city but not before consuming some bagels.


Heading to Philly. I sit in the back seat of the van editing footage from yesterday and catching up on things on all my devices. It’s my 35th birthday! Getting a lot of birthday wishes on all the social mediums.


Meeting up with Emily Hill somewhere in Jersey to scoop her up and bring her to Philly with us where she lives. I haven’t seen her in I don’t know how many years. It’s really good to see her – catching up with her in the backseat.



After arriving in Philly we make our way towards the venue but discover it’s a maze just to get to the back alley cause of some kind of outside festival with main streets closed off. In the process Bobby side swipes a car under a bridge on accident. Luckily, it was only cosmetics and nothing serious. But the whole thing was stressful and took us almost 40 minutes – the city just feels claustrophobic.


Either way we eventually park in the back alley and get all our gear loaded in, up a long stairwell, and into Bourbon & Branch, a small humble dark lit room. I grab something to eat downstairs in the restaurant using the 30% off discount for bands. I order an Asian Salad with Fried Chicken.



Tonight’s show is similar caliber to the New York show, hardly any people and no money. But we played well. So Totally is a decent melodic shoegaze band. Ladada goes on second, then Shormey.



Afterwards, we make our way to South Street in search of Philly Cheesesteaks. The boys find a place called Jim’s. The whole vibe reminds me of the strip at the oceanfront without the ocean. Hot blooded millennials trot down the streets with a blasé eagerness to fill their voids. At some point we end up at Kevin’s place up north – Emily’s boyfriend.


We all chat with Kevin while the Planet Earth documentary plays on the TV. Ambrotious, the cat, marches around. I think he remembers me from the 1623 days when Emily and I used to live together.


Later on, Jonnie and I discover a small room upstairs with all of Emily’s books stacked in a color coded system. Jonnie sits down near the unorganized stack and playfully starts separating books into a worthless and worthy pile. Meanwhile, the cats lie around on the ground just content to be around the commotion.

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