Saturday August 3 2019

Waking up to the sound of the boys talking excitedly about grabbing something to eat. It’s a hot muggy but beautiful late morning in New York City.



Grabbing some quick breakfast from Jesse’s across the street, a mainstay every time we visit – they have the best egg burritos and juices.


Bobby takes us out of the city, which doesn’t come as no surprise that there’s tons of traffic. Jonnie and I nap in the back of the van – every now and then waking up to the jerk of the wheel from Bobby hitting the brakes.


After a quick fuel up on the New Jersey Turnpike I take over the drive with donuts and coffee in my belly. All the way into Washington D.C.


We arrive at the Songbyrd Record Café right in the heart of Adams Morgan, the hipper part of town for us millennials. Getting acclimated to the place. Grabbing an awesome Chicken Sandwich with Fries from the bar. We got 50% off meal tickets and drink tickets. People pile into the record shop next door to the bar as Bottled Up tears up the corner of the room with some goofy but spacey melodic rock – they really get the crowd moving. Then, Shormey lights the room singing her groovy tunes. Then, Ladada gets on. The vibe is just right. No strings get broken. We’re all playing together and loving the energy. After Josiah settles up we’re rewarded with a profitable door deal of $333 (a prophetic number I suppose), a huge difference compared to last night’s show in New York where we split $30 with Shormey.



After we pack up the van we all chill outside on the block where all the street action is – large groups of people constantly marching by. Some busker is playing two chords over and over again (Am and Em) with a beat machine. At some point we start joining in picking up the djembe, banging on the nearby newspaper machines, opening and shutting the doors in rhythm – freestyling “Where ya going? Where ya from? Where ya be? Where ya been?” we shout to the beat. Oh and then my birthday starts at midnight! Feeling an extra sense of camaraderie and well being.



Jordan and Amelia happen to be in town for some Trader Joe’s mate party at the Omni hotel down the street. They offeer to let us crash their hotel room. Having a grand ol’ time jousting with the cylinder pillows and Josiah doing kung-fu. Discovering these LED reading lights on the corner of the beds. We turn everything off and shine a spotlight on Josiah while he paces around with a mug of water/whiskey. For some reason we can’t stop laughing our assess off. My chest hurts from all the giggling.


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