Monday August 5 2019

Waking up bright and early around 10:30 a.m. in Emily’s apartment. Josiah’s already pacing around singing morning songs to rouse everyone and greet the beautiful day. Last night we had to haul almost all our gear into the house cause we didn’t want to take the chance someone would steal anything. But now the block doesn’t look so intimidating in the daylight.



Loading up all the gear and band mates back into the van. Emily directs us to a cool diner for brunch called Honey’s. We arrive right on time to grab the big table in the back. Bobby jokes that it’s the gangster table...



I order fruity Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs, and Coffee. They bring out a birthday brownie too and sing happy birthday, even though it’s the day after.



Time to drive over to Bethlehem, PA for the last show of the weekend. I sleep as much as I can in the back of the van. It’s only about an hour and half drive there.



It’s an old historic college town here and Musikfest has taken over. Exploring down by the river with the boys until we have to get on stage. Nearby, I find a dude shooting a ball around solo on a basketball court. I ask to join him – playing a few games of 1-on-1. He destroys me first time but I almost have the upper hand the second time. I get a good sweat and exercise on – much needed.



After a brass band finishes their set, Ladada hops up there. We’re able to make use of a lot of backline gear, which is nice. We do much better at smaller venues rather than big festival stages but every now and then we gotta do it. We’re getting paid really well for this one so it’s necessary to make up for the duds over the weekend. We do a 1.5 hour set with not many mistakes but our personality isn’t a good fit for the crowd. Either way, we got a good response from the few that were in the seats. We sold quite a few CD’s and records afterwards.


Tristyn Tate and a friend of Jacki’s are here chillin’. We stroll around the madness of all the food tents. I grab a famous Corn on the Cob and a Burrito. We all walk back down to the river to smoke a joint and skip rocks around. I stayed away from any alcohol or drugs of any kind today cause I know I’ll be driving later.


We say our goodbyes and start the 5.5 hour drive homeward. Bobby takes the first shift cause alcoholic half of the band is not fit to drive. I stay cooped up in the back organizing photos and editing the footage of the day – snacking on a brownie and Coconut Water.


With 2 hours to go I take the wheel while Jonnie deejays a few podcasts from Song Exploder.


It’s been a hell of a tour weekend with good and bad shows but mostly great memories. After 5 a.m. I’m finally asleep in my own bed.


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