Friday August 9 2019

Waking up at 10:30 a.m.


Date and Almond Breakfast Bar. English Breakfast Tea.


At Music Makers. Not usually here on a Friday but I have some business to take care of. Meanwhile, Lisa is coaching the vocal camp kids in the waiting room and Stacie teaches three vocal lessons after noon. There’s so much for me to take care it’s hard to stay on task.

Running around doing errands.


Scrambled Eggs. Honeydew Melon. Toast with Vegan Cream Cheese. Coffee. Popped Chips. Cucumbers and Tomatoes.


Power napping.


Grabbing some things to bring mom and driving all the way over to the Norfolk Sentara hospital to visit with her. Of course the food they serve there is not on par with what she really needs to eat so I brought Lentil Soup from Nawab, our favorite Indian spot, along with the sweetest honeydew melon and some tea.


I hang out with her talking about all the things they’ve done. She’s moving around pretty well but still in pain around her neck and such. We’ll all be so happy when this is all over and she can live life normally!


Back home. Cooking dinner: Salmon with Basmati Rice, Baby Broccoli, Carrots, and Baby Cauliflower.

Watching Aquaman (2018).




Catching up on business.


Practicing drums.



Chilling with Ana and the cat.

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