Sunday August 25 2019


It’s understood there are vicious dogs roaming around the mall terrorizing people. I witness a few encounters from these hostile bulldog-like creatures on others. It’s almost like a conspiracy cause I know they killed people but nobody knows about it. I keep running around the building trying to get away from these things but also looking for clues. Later on, it’s understood that this guy named Miguel originally owned these dogs but he’s now in prison so nobody can find out anything. For some reason I make it my mission to get to Miguel. My way of thinking is if I can just tell him what’s going on maybe he’ll have some sort of control over the dogs.


I’m stuck in a room with bunk beds while these monster dogs dart around trying to rip my arms/legs off. They don’t climb but can jump really high so I stay on high ground as much as possible. Making my way through other buildings. One yard in particular is becoming a challenge to get through. Somehow I’ve teamed up with others who want to help. After a few awakenings I make it. Inside the prison I handle getting past the guards and the front entrance pretty easily. I’m wearing my smiley face boxers and pretend I’m just there to retrieve keys I left or whatever.

One of the officers suspects something and yells out, “Hey! Come back here.”

I continue quickly down a series of stairs and cages. They’ve got Miguel holed up on an island across a man-made lake. He’s a high profile prisoner with some supposed connections to money. So the security is top notch. I jump down a ledge and run across a patch of big rocks. I dive right in the water and start swimming over to the island. Meanwhile, all of the guards are trying to stop me. I crawl up the shoreline to meet Miguel. He’s got his whole family and some bodyguards living here. Finally telling him the whole crazy dog situation. I accomplished my mission.



Waking up at almost noon. I let Elvis into the bedroom where Ana and I are still trying to get up. He vies for morning cuddles.


With mom and Ana enjoying some Biscuits, Pastries, and Coffee at Three Ships. Outside on the patio mom enjoys the therapy of two German Shepherds, one of them is almost as big as a horse!



Before Ana goes to work we practice a few tunes at the studio.


Catching up on business. Running errands. Picking up loose leaf tea at The Heritage – searching for picture frame things at Michael’s – curtains and blankets at Wal-Mart – a new pair of shoes at WRV.


Mom warms up dinner for the two of us: Black Beans, Celery, Onions, Baby Broccoli, Carrots, and Quinoa.


Later on, at the studio fixing up this new curtain in the orange lesson room. After a Cookies n’ Cream Ice Cream break Ana joins me to practice some more songs.



Sleep 4 a.m.

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