Saturday July 9 2016


Waking up at 8:35 a.m.

Leftover Pancakes and Waffles with Greek Yogurt. Green Tea.

Ana and I get scooped up by Caitlin and Kim. Boonsboro Bound! Never heard of Boonsboro but it's near Hagerstown, Maryland.

Stuck in lots of traffic on 64 before we even get close to D.C. Tallying points every time we pass John and Shelby in their car.

Kim is taking care of bank business on her laptop. She spits out some jargon about a credit score.

The rest of joke, "WTF! Where's the WD-40!"

"I don't know if my stomach is hungry or mad," Ana complains.

I feel bad cause she's got a sore on her tongue from eating a super hot cookie the other day.

Snacking on Salmon Jerky and Potato Chips.

We take an alternate more scenic route to get around the standstill traffic on 95. Entertaining ourselves with any way to obtain points – getting one point for being the first to guess what song comes on the stereo. Ana ends up winning just above me.

Arriving in the quaint mountain town of Boonsboro, Maryland. It's just one long Main Street with older housing and local storefronts. It feels almost like Richmond, or even a mini Boston with telephone wires tangled all around.

Setting up at the place they call GBoone's.

Then, Ana, Caitlin, Kim, and I scout out a cool place to grab some grub. Vesta's, a local pizza shop catches our eye and it's absolutely wonderful!

Back at the event center. Getting ready backstage – it's a labyrinth back here – one set of stairs leads to a few doors that lead to more stairs – you can easily get lost. The girls adorn themselves in groupie attire and set out their other wardrobes. It's not necessarily a packed venue but the people are spread out in the stands and tables. We do an hour long DEJA set of our epic songs tribute – take a break – then The Wall performance.

Enjoying a couple Cupcakes with Ana.

Retiring to the hotel. Ana and I are lucky to have a whole room to ourselves. Cleaning up. Enjoying the big cool new space – AC running in the corner – making love then sleeping shirtless and free at 3 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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