Tuesday January 17 2012


DREAM: Returning to the Chanticleer neighborhood to find cars parked out in the open street—debris and Halloween decorations hanging in the trees. My black trailer was moved. I push it back to its rightful place but trying to balance it is tough since there’s a ton of bricks and cement blocks stacked on top. They keep toppling off. I get some help from a friend. Eventually the job is done. I converse with this really tall black guy who is a police officer about what happened here. He says there was a looting.

Leaving her place around 11:30 a.m.

Back at home talking with Darren about house issues and plans to move to another place when our lease ends. But I really don’t see this being feasible.

Cinnamon Oatmeal with Brown Sugar, Flax Seed, Raisins, and Milk. Strawberry Banana Orange Juice. Zinc (50mg).

It’s a beautiful day out...perfect for a bike ride to the store. The wind is strong going against my direction making me feel like I’m accelerating up a mountain.

Pineapple Spears.

Grilled Cheese with Tomato and Hummus. Tortilla Chips with Spicy Green Salsa and Hummus. Honey Green Tea.

Finishing Winnebago Man (2009).

Editing my tour blog entries.

Nicole walks in and surprises me. Her and Darren sit down in my room for a while discussing the misrepresentation of labels. I make mention how much Darren resembles the Winnebago man.

Me: “Dude, he’s your father!”


I realize too how incredibly overbearing Darren and Nicole are together...

Me: “You two are exhausting together.”

Continuing my editing.

Darren cooks us up a tasty meal: Vegetable Pad Thai. Sitting down at the table enjoying the meal with Gin and Tonics. We get into discussion. Darren and Nicole have that depressing existentialist outlook on things where life isn’t worth living and the fact that the whole world is fucked is too overwhelming. But not in the sense that they would kill themselves. Our conversation flows philosophically...

Me: “I just don’t get that depressed about life like you guys do. I have an analytical mind like you guys but I don’t see the point in thinking like that.”

Elliott drops by with plans to go play basketball but to our dismay it’s drizzling outside. He coerces me into getting Frosty’s with him at Wendy’s.

In the kitchen...Darren and Kevin are obviously high and baking Pizza Bites. When discussing vegetarianism Kevin blurts out, “What’s the big deal? Its just food!” I point at him as if he just said something genius and respond, “There you go. That’s it right there.” It was completely representative of the general public’s attitude towards food but we’re making light of it. Unfortunately, most people really do have this attitude.

Margot vies for my presence at her condo because her roommate is out for the night and she doesn’t like being alone. I head over there and we fall asleep around 2 a.m.

[i] Scary Kids Scaring Kids. Kathryn.

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