Thursday January 12 2012


Waking up around 10 a.m. in her soft leopard print bed.

Cinnamon Oatmeal with Brown Sugar, Flax Seed, Raisins, and Milk. Orange Strawberry Banana Juice. Zinc (50mg).

Finally picking up my Camry from the Progressive shop. It feels nice to have my own car back.

Configuring bills and such.

Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Potato Chip Trio. Pomegranate Cherry Ade.

Vaginasaurs practice at Stephanie’s house. It’s a reunion of sorts. Rehashing songs we should already know. It’s been a while.

Taking a break. Eating Strawberry Yogurt and sharing Dutch goodies.

Running through more’s an exhausting rehearsal but we’ve been on hiatus since I was gone in Europe and Sarah was in Alaska.

Stef’s mom is super hospitable and offers Sarah and I to join the family at the table for Taco Night. Eating a few Black Bean and Fish Tacos.

Back home.

Hot Cocoa.

I hear Stephanie, Sarah, and Clinton walk in the front door. As I make it to the bottom of the stairs all of us discover Darren and Kevin having a romantic candle light dinner.

“Oh man! What an amazing thing to walk in on.”

I plop down on the hundred-year-old pump organ and serenade them to a comical improvised song. Elliott drops in too. This is what makes me feel like home...

Darren: “The house is complete with Robert here.”

I invite Kevin to come to Rick’s with us. He blabs out some lame excuse...

Kevin: “I have to go to bed and wake up tomorrow.”

Me: “Ooooh! Wow. The life of Kevin Moore. Anyone else in here have to go to bed and wake up tomorrow?”


So we all ride over to Rick’s Café, without Kevin of course.

Back home...Stephanie wants to make a fort in the living room and fall asleep to a cheesy or comedic movie. No fort is made but we lay out the futon instead. Saved! (2004) is selected.

She’s never seen this movie but I figured it would be up her alley, “You like this don’t you?”

Her: “This is so funny.”

Doing a few things around the house while the movie is running. Later, I find myself sleepy faced on the futon underneath the sheets. She puts on Marie Antoinette (2006).

Me: “Everybody looks like cake.”

Dozing in and out. The thought crosses my mind to warm up next to Stef for some friendly cuddling but I keep my distance. I’ve never sensed so much of even a hint of romantic reciprocation when with her. Even though I’ve entertained the idea before, I know we’re just friends. We’re local heroes of some kind, enthusiasts for the arts. And that’s our relationship. Maybe one day I’ll be allotted a taste or opportunity for something deeper, or maybe not. For now I’ll just sleep here on my side...

[i] Image by me.

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