Saturday January 28 2012


DREAM: An aquarium full of various creatures caught for sustenance. Bullfrog split in two. Tarantula. Spilt alligator’s blood (made of red string-like shapes floating around in the water). I assure my friend that we’re going to drink this and that it’s healthy for us. Later I’m analyzing and admiring these group photos that Stephanie altered by placing enchanting landscape images of the European countryside in the background. Some with castles and a metallic frizz that sparkles like a GIF image.

Me: “These look great, Stef!”

Waking up at 11:15 a.m.

Egg and Cheese Biscuit from Bojangles. Orange Juice. Zinc (50 mg).

All day shift at China Wok.

Peanut Butter English Muffin. Potato Chip Trio. Honey Green Tea.

A slow afternoon for Chinese food.

Organizing music files on my computer...

And then………..


Dinner rush! Go. Go. Go. Car running non-stop.

In the restaurant a young lady walks in to pick up an order. She has a really mischievous smile. It’s as if I’ve met her before. I decide to say something, “You look really familiar? Have you ordered here before?”

She replies, “No. I get that a lot.”

Delivering an order on Amsterdam Court. I remember this one. She owns a bunch of antsy cats that try to slip out. She cracks the door with just enough room for me to hand over the food. Her legs blocking the way for the cats. The prettiest face I’ve seen all day. She smiles and leaves me with, have a nice day, and I give her the same. I smell the credit receipt she just signed. A scent from her perfume/house lingers on the paper. Oh. That scent...such an enchanting scent. What is that? I could fall in love from this alone.

Good tips. Good day at work.

Tofu and Mixed Vegetables in Garlic Sauce with Rice.

I head over to Aaron’s dad’s house off Great Neck Road for Chris Remaley’s B-day get-together. I open the door to manly howls from Felix and Chris. I haven’t seen these guys in a long while, as well as Aaron. It’s like a mini reunion. Josiah and Becca are here along with a few other people I just met. Using Aaron’s dad’s cheap computer speakers we pump up the jams on my iPod and facilitate a dance party. Good times. Running around loosening our bodies at full force. Drinking beers. Becca pours me a few mugs full of this raspberry beer. Deliciously tart. 


Later, back at the house. Becca comes over for an hour or so. Lounging in my bed looking through photos and videos from the party. Discussing human insecurities in her current romantic relationship. Sharing good thoughts...humorous thoughts. Pretending to fall asleep then awakening suddenly with a gasp. Making fun of those moments when one freaks out from falling asleep longer than they wanted...“Oh my gosh! I gotta go!”

Sleep shortly after 4 a.m.

[i] Patrick Leger.
[ii] Party images by Becca.

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