Monday January 2 2012 (SLOUGH)


Waking up to the cabin lights flickering on with its harsh white lighting. I slept maybe 3 hours. It’s about 10:30 a.m. UK time. Repositioning my legs. We’re almost to Heathrow.


Breakfast is served: Spicy Egg Croissant, Banana, and Orange Juice.

Landing. Waiting at baggage claim. Waiting at the bus station to get on a bus that takes us to another bus station where we wait some more for another bus to take us to the hotel. Traveling is fun.

Snacking on a Pear and Prunes.


Finally arriving at our hotel in the Slough borough. Dealing with backline equipment issues—working out with our promoter how to get everything on the list that we asked for initially.

Then off down the street on foot venturing into a little English pub called The Queens Arm with Zach and Jacob. The friendly Irish lady bartender offers to feed us Chicken Curry even though they don’t serve food till six. Playing a game of 8-ball pool otherwise known as snooker here. Political and philosophical debates at the table over beers. A half pint of London Pride and Carlson.


Me: “I’d rather be on an adventure than be at a cubicle.”


Tom and Mark hobble into the pub and join us for a while, continuing the debates...

Walking back to the hotel. Stomping on the wet cobblestone sidewalks. Mark mentions how he feels there’s an under current of distrust here obvious from all the descriptive street signs referring to car thieves and just a general vibe of strangers on the street. I chalk it up to the throws of being in a big city but he thinks it’s something else.

The rest of the boys want to continue pub hopping. I resign for the night even though it’s super early.

Sleep around 8 p.m. English time.

[i] London Skyline. Image by me.

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