Sunday January 8 2012 (BELGIUM)


Zach wakes everyone up, “Hey boys, it’s ten till twelve.” I can feel the surge of reality zip through my brain. Waiting in the van, some of the guys smoke up the last of their spliffs. Unlike Holland’s legalization of weed they won’t allow it in Belgium so it has to be rid of before we take off. It was a highlight for most everyone.


In route to Belgium.

Pit stop at McDonalds. A unique design and a castle for a play place.

Chicken Sandwich with French Fries. Coke.


Arriving in Hasselt, Belgium. As we’re pulling up to our destination an enchanting full rainbow greets us in the horizon. We seem to be coming across a lot of these here.

Venue: Muziekdroom. A beautifully urban atmosphere inside and located in a warehouse district. The design of the halls and corridors give you the feeling you’re walking in a city.

The back stage room is stocked with plenty of goodies: waffles, fruit, etc. Spacious with beds provided as well. Probably the best hospitality we’ve had on this tour so far. Dinner is served: Tofu and Spinach with Rice. Boiled Potatoes. Orange Ginger Ale.

Being productive and getting a lot of stuff done on the computer. Spirits are high in the green room. Mae’s friend-fans who came to the Paris show hang out with us: Yuko, Stephanie, and Leandra.


Some Belgium post-rock band opens up the show, Clouds and Electricity. A harsh and stunning sound. We go on two bands later. Another satisfactory performance.


Afterwards, eating a Peanut Butter Nutella Sandwich and a Banana with Milk.

Having a few cans of Jupiter (Belgium biers).


There isn’t much time to hang because we have to drive a few hours into the night and sleep in Calais. We find a hotel cheaper than Etap called F1. The hallways reek of bathroom stench. The rooms even smaller. Sharing a full size bed with Mark, Tom on the top bunk. We drift off straight to sleep sometime around 3 a.m.

[i] All images by me.

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Melanie said...

Crazy that I just now saw this. It was my youngest daughter's birthday. :)

I had the realization long ago that I did not need any help being tired and hungry, which is pretty much the outcome of weed useage. LOL I haven't missed it.

The photos are lovely. I love rainbows, and they always encourage me. Great shot of the rainbow there.

Peanut butter with banana is a favorite combo of mine.

I hope I can meet Yuko sometime (and see Stephanie again.

I know you are all back now, but sounds like it was a lovely tour overall.