Wednesday January 25 2023

Waking up when the bus stops for gas about 7 in the morning. It’s snowing! Truck World, an old school truck stop with a novelty like aesthetic of a mini strip mall.


Back to sleep for another 3 to 4 hours until the next stop. Pilot. Filling up on Blueberries, Banana, Breakfast Bar, and Tea. Doing stuff on my laptop for a while.


Sleep some more in the back until the next stop.

Making a PB&J Bagel and enjoying a fresh Brazilian Coffee from Pilot.



While Rebecca teaches a few virtual lessons in the passenger seat I take the wheel and drive the bus for the last two and a half hours – straight through the Iowan farmhouse landscapes of snow. Meanwhile, Nigel, Chris, and Kevin discuss building additional things to the bus.


We arrive in Dubuque, Iowa at the Hotel Julien, which is nestled in the heart of downtown.


Rebecca and I get into a bit of an argument about how she feels like her opinion doesn’t matter and some other things. From my side of things it’s sometimes challenging when we’re in group settings trying to problem solve or come to a decision. I think the real problem is we have one too many leaders trying to lead. But we resolve it for now.


After getting settled in some of us meet at an Italian joint next door for dinner.


Then, pool/hot tub party! Mostly all the young crowd of the group along with Nancy. Nancy is excited to see snow and throw her first snowball.



Then, settling back in the room. It feels good to just be in a soft comfy bed that isn’t moving!


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