Sunday January 1 2023

Waking up around noon.


Our new roommate, Michael Brown, is here moving in. I help him get situated in Ana’s old bedroom.


Catching up on a few things.


Then, riding with Rebecca to Busch Gardens. She invited me to watch David Rogers, one of our Broadway kids, perform in a Scrooge show there. Meanwhile, we make a day out of it and prance around the park. It’s actually quite crowded for New Years day. A bit chilly but not too bad. Doing all the little rides and some big. She’s not entirely fond of roller coasters but we convince her to at least ride Verbolten and Invadr. I go solo on the fairly new one, Pantheon, which absolutely blew me away – hands down best coaster I’ve ridden in a long time.


With a Hot Cocoa in hand we make it to the last Christmas Town train ride of the night before the park closes to see all the unique Christmas lights they have strung out in hidden alcoves and parts of the forest.


Back home. Catching up on everything. Hitting the bed pretty early.


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