Thursday January 26 2023

Waking up bright and early at 10 a.m. Iowan time.

I decide to hit the fitness room immediately with some running on the treadmill and lifting some free weights. Dwelling on the deep dreams I had – always in a scenario where I see Ana after a very long time and we’re able to reconnect on some level. But also remember having a stressful dream where I was trying to protect an unknown person from a hostile person.



Protein Shake.


At the University of Dubuque we load into The Heritage Center stage – it’s quite spacious and honestly a perfect layout. Getting all the cases lined up and setting up. This is always an all encompassing job to get things in order and sound check.



Snacking on some Pita and Hummus, Banana, and Coffee.


Dinner later is Salmon, Mashed Potatoes, and Broccoli.


The show goes smoothly – no intermission tonight, which makes things a bit stressful cause we need pee breaks and to change batteries. But we manage. Great response from the crowd by the last song.


Packing up and loading out. There’s always so much to take care of. I help call the trailer pack with the help of venue crew. That seems to help.


Settling back in at the hotel reflecting on the show and looking at footage.


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