Tuesday June 14 2022


I can feel the rumble of the van beneath the futon and hear the chatter of Mike and Nancy up front. Rebecca and I were soundly asleep in the back of the van. I think we actually slept real sleep!


At some point we make the trade to the driver and passenger seat. I catch up on work at the laptop while Rebecca drives – passing oil pump jacks all over the place in Oklahoma.

Breakfast Bar and cold iced tea from a gas station.



This van has been going strong for the past 24 hours and I believe we passed through 5 different states.


Peanut Butter Bagel with Coffee and Orange Juice.


At some point I take the wheel. The four of us get into a deep conversation about the band and how it’s managed by Nigel and Kevin – all of the conflicts and problems that go on. It’s good to express ourselves even though the complaints get overwhelming at times.


I keep driving us all the way through to Hot Springs Arkansas, our final destination. Moon shots along the way.


Here, we check into The Rodeway Inn, a cheap $80 a room per night place with decent rooms.


The four of us drive into downtown to check out this place called Maxine’s Live, the only place open late and an urban vibey divey place with decent pasta plates and drinks. Shooting darts and bearing through the off tune singing of karaoke patrons. I get up and do my Psycho Killer rendition. There’s a piano by the bathrooms that becomes a big hit to bang on. Good times.



The city has a rich history – one sanatorium building in particular peaks our interest – we drive by and witness flashing lights in a few of the windows resembling a scene from a horror movie.



Back at the hotel we finally settle in...


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