Friday June 17 2022

Waking up in the back of the van on the futon somewhere in North Carolina. We’ve been driving since 11pm last night – it’s about 11 in the morning now.


Nancy and Ron man the wheel up front with Nigel, myself, and Rebecca in the back.


A couple stops here and there.


Breakfast Bar. Coffee.


As we get closer to home we all reflect on the past three shows – talking about what went wrong and what we could do better. We also take a dive into movies and how genius Seinfeld was.


PB&J Pita.


It’s about 6 p.m. when we arrive at Nigel’s house – dropping off Nigel, Nancy, and Ron. Rebecca and I take the van on an adventure (involuntarily) to find the Hertz rental drop off in VB but they’re closed. So we have to trek out to the airport instead.


It’s just one obstacle after another. When pulling into the parking garage the guy manning the booth freaks out because I’m not supposed to drive my personal car in – all we wanted to do was switch out drivers so I could drive the rental up. We get it sorted out and apologize about it.


Then, when driving through Hilltop I almost hit a guy braking in the middle the busy road. After all the happened since last weekend it’s crazy to look back at all the obstacles we went through to make that trip happen.


I get home. Ana’s putting dishes away and cooking a bunch of food. I’m actually glad to see her but we don’t talk much cause she always appears busy preparing to leave. She offers some leftover food she made a few days ago.


Unpacking – doing laundry – cleaning dishes – catching up on everything.


Watching Hustle (2022).


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