Thursday June 16 2022

Waking up at 10:20 a.m. Checkout time at The Rodeway Inn is 11.


With Rebecca, Mike, Nancy, and Ron (who just flew in this morning). Grabbing some brunch downtown at that Argentinean place. Omelet, Biscuits, Potatoes, and Coffee. There’s a stressful moment when Rebecca starts complaining about a situation with the booking agent asking for comps. I sensed most of last night and this morning something was wrong with her. I say in so many words for her to calm down cause I felt overwhelmed with listening to it. But that was the wrong move cause now she feels like I don’t have her back, which I don’t want her to feel.


A quick 30 minute drive to the venue, Ponce De Leon Center, and we’re all out moving gear around the stage and setting up.


I manage to get a private moment with Rebecca to talk it out and apologize for adding to the stress she was already experiencing.


Sound Check. All goes well except for a few technical issues with Kevin’s line.


Catering is barbecue.


We perform to a sold out crowd tonight – about a 650 cap room. We can tell how tired and exhausted we all are from traveling the past few days but we put on a good show.


At the meet & greet there’s a little girl, very shy, collecting autographs. Her name is Rose – reminds me when I was young and seeing some concert at her age – how awestruck you were and here I am on the other end of things, the larger than life performer.


Afterwards, it’s time to pack everything up and load out. Lately, with this particular tour, it seems to take a long time to load the trailer – it’s an all hands on deck team effort.


Then, we hit the road for the 16 hour + drive.


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