Saturday June 4 2022


Waking up at 11 a.m.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


At Music Makers teaching – unusual for a Saturday afternoon but Rebecca and I have makeup lessons to do.


Afterwards, her and I hang most of the day – grabbing some lunch at Stockpot – talking about the concept of time and the origins of theater.


Then, scooping up some new merch from Nigel’s house. At the warehouse we start sorting, labeling, and counting inventory for the entire merch rack – so many shirts to organize and wrap.


After that, at Music Makers clearing out the 104 space for dance tomorrow.


Finally back home making dinner for myself: Kidney Beans with Sardines, Chard, Quinoa, and Naan Bread.


Catching up on chores.


Riding my bike down at the oceanfront – listening to nostalgic tunes and letting the ocean wind cleanse my soul.


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