Sunday June 26 2022

Waking up around noon. Voice is slowly coming around – still recovering from losing it days ago.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


At Music Makers for the second Broadway rehearsal this weekend. We go through all the group numbers we did yesterday and clean up the choreo and polish up the music/singing. I get to reprise my role as Aladdin in “Never Had a Friend Like Me”.


PB&J. Coffee.


We go on till 6:30/7:00. One of the student’s tires goes flat – Clarence and I figure out how to put on the spare. He also helps add refrigerant to our A/C unit to help cool off the 104 space – it gets majorly hot in there with all the bodies moving around in a tight space.


Afterwards, Rebecca and I grab some dinner at Old Beach Tavern to recap things from today. Then, some gelato at Gelati Celesti.


Back at the studio – organizing all the things back into place


Home. Catching up on things and chores. Running the recycle out.


Watching the third episode of Stranger Things 4 with Rebecca.


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