Saturday June 11 2022


Waking up around I don’t know what time cause of the 3 hour difference but it’s 10 a.m. here in hot as all get out Palm Springs.


Down by the pool some of the ELO band is hanging out. I do a quick run on the treadmill avoiding the hot, hot heat.


Then, some breakfast with Rebecca at Water’s Café inside the resort.

Enjoying a Huevos Burrito and Pancakes with Coffee.


Then, on the stage to set up everything and sound check. As usual there are many, many things to do. And as usual there are a few technical hurdles to get through sound wise.



Dinner: Salmon with Arugula Salad.


We perform the show to a sold out energetic crowd. Feeling pretty good about the performance despite not rehearsing.


Afterwards, meeting some of the fans. Even though we’re tired and exhausted it’s always nice to hear what these people have to say, nothing but kind words about how we sound like the original and so forth.


Packing up the gear is such a stressor for some reason tonight cause there was way too much to do and it seems like we didn’t delegate properly but we put in a group effort and manage to get everything packed away in the trailer. The crazy desert wind almost sweeps us away while loading out.


Linking up at the food court in the casino with a few of the people sharing Fries and Ice Cream – reflecting on things that went wrong and things that went right.


Up in the room catching up on footage from the show then crashing!


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