Sunday May 15 2022


Waking up nice and late around noon at a Days Inn in Woodbury, New York.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Rebecca and I corral the strings players into the red van and drive to the venue: The Tilles Center of Long Island University.


Egg Salad Sandwich with Coffee.


Setting up the stage and doing all the sound check stuff.


Catered dinner at 5:30 – Chicken Francese with Veggies and Pasta.


It’s an early show at 7:00. We get on stage and do our thing – energy is vibrant in the front row where a clan of young college kids dance and turn with every beat. Dealing with some issues at my keyboard rig – power kept cutting in and out. Luckily, Jimmy the Greek was nearby to help put out that fire and just in the nick of time before I had a keyboard solo.



Afterwards, doing the meet-and-greet and taking pictures. Then, breaking down the stage – the venue stage hands are a big help here. But it’s a constant hustle at load out – so much moving things around and packing things up.


Back at the hotel – nothing special happening – just snacking and settling down.


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