Friday May 27 2022

Waking up around 12:30 p.m.


I invited Rebecca to grab some brunch with me at Commune. It’s pouring down rain. We sit at the bar – the usual waiters and waitresses are here. I imagine seeing a new female character sitting next to me might be noticeable. I order Strawberry Waffles with Bacon and Coffee.


Picking up my car from the shop – had to get an inspection, oil change, and fix an electrical wiring issue.


At Music Makers putting away an order that came and chatting with Allyson. I stick around longer than I expected cause of these new ukuleles. Also, I show one of Rebecca’s students, Stephanie, some pointers on the uke.


Picking up some groceries.


Back home. Taking care of things. Catching up on business.


PB&J English Muffin. Tea.


While sipping on tea Ana suddenly knocks on my door. I haven’t seen her literally all week – it’s very strange. I invite her in. We need to talk about a few logistics of her moving out but we also chat a bit about what’s going on. I try to ask her if she’s talking to anyone at the moment. She says no but I’m pretty certain she is – I think she’s afraid to tell me. I assure her it’s okay and that it would be nice to put some conclusion to things knowing that.


After she leaves she texts, “I appreciate you being gracious. You are a great person with a great and understanding heart. I’m glad we were able to chat for a bit. I only wish for the both of us to move upward to happiness in our individual lives. Thank you for always being there for me all these years. You also know how to be a good listener.

 Hearing that really makes me feel better about things.


Running a few late night errands.


Making an easy dinner: Vegan Sausage with leftover Rice/Noodles, Kale, and Naan Bread.

Watching The Lakers Dynasty series.


Later on, I invite Rebecca over to help Elvis exercise. Bobby finally sent us the final edit from the last Broadway show so we watch through Act I. It’s fine with me that she’s in my house – this is a rare occurrence – it’s still a bit foreign to be hanging out with somebody other than Ana in the living room like this.


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