Saturday May 14 2022


Waking up at 10:30 a.m. at Hotel Indigo in Riverhead, New York. We have to check out at 11 and drive down the road to the venue.


At the Suffolk Theater in downtown. A nice hospitality lady shows us into this trailer house where our green room is. We all sit down at our laptops catching up on things and snacking on fruit.


Having a chance to explore the downtown area and by the Peconic River.



Setting up the stage and working out all the technical kinks, which there are usually many. Hums in somebody’s line – click track too loud – lighting cues not loud enough for the spot guys. As a band we run a few songs and eventually, we can have dinner.


Chicken Francese with Pasta and Veggies.


At 8:10 we get on the stage and rock our two 45 minute sets. It’s a smaller stage than usual so that creates more volume but it feels great! Great crowd response and no major foul-ups.



Everybody pitches in to pack up and load out. It’s chaotic and disorganized at times.


Back at the new hotel we have to deal with so many complications at the front desk – the Indian guy can barely explain himself and doesn’t understand our situation. It’s not even worth explaining but basically it’s a lack of communication with tomorrow’s coordinator for the venue and the hotel. Either way, eventually we get all the rooms set up and get settled in. This is a 2-star so it’s a bit of a downgrade to what we’re used to. But we manage.



Finally get to relax. Many thoughts flow through my mind – thinking about the sadness I feel with Ana – I feel her slipping away but also longingly still close at the same time. In the meantime I’m just headed in this direction.


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