Friday May 13 2022

Waking up bright and early at 9 a.m.


Scooping up Rebecca in this borrowed red minivan. Linking up with Ron and Jimmy at the carpool parking lot before the bay bridge tunnel.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Jimmy and Ron take the wheel and shotgun while Rebecca and I turn the back of the van into an office and nap station.


Egg Salad Sandwich with Tomatoes, Chips, and Coffee.


We head upward on 13, New Jersey Turnpike, and through New York City.


Eventually, we arrive at Hotel Indigo in Riverhead, NY. Grateful to be getting in before all the restaurants close. We wrangle a group with Edwin, Casey, Jimmy A., Ron, Rebecca, and I. Driving a few minutes down the road into quaint downtown searching out a local spot to eat.

Jerry and the Mermaid suits our fancy right near the harbor.

Enjoying some Crab Cakes with a big Salad. Some of us are brave enough to try the frog legs.



Afterwards, I race us to the ice cream shop down the street called Snowflake, a small local spot with lots of novelty personality, kind of reminds me of Lolly’s back home. They even have a cookie monster flavor. These pointy pink painted curbs right out in front give us a load of entertainment as we try to balance ourselves like a tightrope. Never a dull moment with this group.



Back at the hotel we investigate the lower floor where the ballroom is with a cool glowing wall – perfect for photos.



Then, in the fitness room with Rebecca and Jimmy A. having a workout party.


Eventually, back in the hotel room.


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