Wednesday March 9 2022


Waking up bright and early at 7:40 a.m.


Gotta catch a flight – the ELO band has a tour this weekend. Mike drives Rebecca and I to the airport. Linking up with Jimmy, Nigel, and Ron on a flight in route to Omaha. And thus begins the day of travel – a full day dedicated to traveling is key when performing a string of shows like this.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Layover in Atlanta. I brought a PB&J and got a Coffee from Starbucks for lunch. Rebecca and I sit somewhere at one of the less crowded gates and eat – she relays her side by side conversation on the previous flight with Nigel.


Back on a plane – this time they put our whole group in the absolute back row by the lavatories. There’s not even a window to slide open but we make fun out of it – you just have to block out the insanely loud hum of the airplane. To pass the time Rebecca and I skim through the Broadway video edit that Bobby recently did and jot down some notes for him.


Arriving in Omaha, Nebraska. It takes a while to clamp down the rental cars I reserved. But eventually, the nice people behind the Budget counter get everything figured out. Meanwhile, Nigel is marching around by the tall glass windows explaining stage placement to Rebecca and Ron.



Getting settled in at the hotel – my room window shows the Missouri River and apparently, the Nebraska/Iowa state line rides right along.


We all link up at a Texas Roadhouse down the road. Ron is stoked cause we discover a Culver’s next door, one of his favorites on tour. Inside we hole up in a booth and enjoy the unlimited sweet rolls. Meanwhile, the employees clap their hands to celebrate so many birthdays in the restaurant. I actually enjoy a Steak with Baked Potato and Veggies. Nigel offers to pay for the group meal, except I have to take care of it with my card cause we’re still waiting to get a deposit from a venue.


Back at the hotel we try to corral people into the fitness room to work off all the calories from dinner. With Rebecca, Mike, and Ron doing calisthenics, treadmill, etc.


A bunch of drunk dudes finally make their exit from the pool/hot tub then Rebecca and I take a dip. I can’t remember the last time I swam honestly. We chat about hauntings (she has this special paranormal sense), and whatever else we feel like talking about. Again it’s nice to just chat with her without worrying about time constraints.


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