Thursday March 10 2022

Waking up around 10:34 a.m. (Midwest time) in the hotel room in Iowa.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Catching up on things at the computer.


Rebecca and I grab some Culver’s for a quick lunch down the street from the hotel.

Cod Fish Sandwich with Fries.


15 minute drive to the venue – Iowa Western University theater. We have a couple new road crew guys with us this time, Edwin and Andrew. Sipping on coffee and setting up the stage and scoping out the place – there’s always so many hoops and things to hop through to get everything in working order – setting up cameras, instruments, miking everything, dealing with merch things, etc.


Sound check goes smoothly – running a few tunes and making sure the lighting crew gets all the important spotlight moments.


Outside I catch a beautiful sunset – a nice break to the hustle and bustle backstage.


Catering for dinner tonight is one choice only: Pork Shoulder with Brown Rice and Veggies. Even though I shy away from this kind of meat you can’t be picky on tour sometimes.


We go on stage and do the two ELO sets – considering we didn’t have any practice in between the last tour and now we didn’t do half bad. The crowd wasn’t as lively but their shows still show awe and appreciate.


Afterwards, we do a meet and greet with people at the merch table – this one little boy with a cowboy hat is super enthused – his dad says they own a farm and this was his first concert.


We pack up and load out as efficient as we can.


Back at the hotel we try to corral as many as we can for a hot tub party. A few of us make it down and enjoy the hot soothing water. I sip on a mineral water while Ron and Leon nurse a couple bottles of beer. Rebecca, Anne, and Casey hang too.


After the nice pool man politely kicks us out I shower off all the chemical water and reconvene in Rebecca’s room. Lying on the bed watching through some of the footage from the show – laughing at all the comical moments and sorting through things we could improve with the band. It’s just nice being able to talk one on one without any worries or concerns. I end up just falling asleep at some point after my eyes become heavy.


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