Saturday March 12 2022

Waking up around 1 p.m. It’s super nice to be able to sleep in real late after driving so much yesterday.


We’re here in the River City Casino in St. Louis. Grabbing a Bagel and Tea downstairs.



Setting up the stage in the events center room, which is honestly a bit of a step down from all the beautiful theaters we played recently. But we manage to get everything together. It’s a tighter space and the morale isn’t very high during sound check. Nigel’s tweaking things with the lighting people. Kevin’s trying to rush us through the songs. Jimmy Wiseman is mad about his monitor mix. It seems like one thing after the other.


Later on, I grab a Fish n Chips from the restaurant nearby but they get the order wrong. It’s a whole thing but the ladies are super nice about it and let me keep the mess up order – I give it to Edwin.


Trying to get into a better headspace up in my room.


Back downstairs in the concert hall – the show is sold out. The band as a whole is in a much better mood and ready to put on a show – so am I. Gotta put on that performer face and roll into the music. There’s such an energy in this show that makes it special. Afterwards, we do a meet and greet – it’s chaos cause we have no merch people helping except for Jimmy the Greek. We all try to help out as much as we can while simultaneously signing autographs and shaking hands.


Afterwards, everyone corrals to the nearest burger joint around the corner (all this being inside the casino) but everything closes at weird hours and they stopped serving people in line – Rebecca got the last milkshake! We try to avoid the smoky casino room. Upstairs hanging out in Rebecca’s room. The others get drunk/high in the party room while her and I just chill on the bed watching and analyzing footage from tonight and having existential conversations about everything – mostly complaining about things in the band, all the different dynamics between everyone, and how we can improve. I joke how our “parking lot” conversations have upgraded to “bedside” conversations. But it’s all platonic and innocent.


At some point Casey makes her way from the “high” room and I stumble off to bed.


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