Saturday March 26 2022

Waking up just before noon.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Taking care of things at the house.


At Commonwealth Brewing – Ana is performing a solo set with her guitar and microphone – there’s all kinds of other female artists playing before and after. Meanwhile, the demographic is 80% dogs and kids running around. The room is so cavernous too making the music hard to distinguish. Even though Ana is nervous she does a good job. Snacking on a Chicken Sandwich with Fries. I have to leave at a certain time...



 ...At Music Makers linking up with a group of Music Makers kids and Rebecca to rehearse this Wall scene we’re about to do tonight.


Afterwards, we all march over to Elevation 27 for DEJA’s The Wall where they play a live soundtrack to the entire movie – it’s very packed inside. Some of the kids are nervous as we wait around backstage in the green room. But we keep up their confidence. Rebecca and I lead them when the time comes – they march to the foot of the stage moving in time with the music – lights shining down – I mime all the teacher lines that John Coleman does on stage. The crowd is thrilled.

We don’t need no education!

I’m very proud of them for learning all this last minute. It was worth it to put all this together and spice up the show.


Back home. Warming up some Pasta leftovers and recapping the day with Ana – she was at all the music events in Norfolk.


Doing dishes and catching up on things.


Ana and I have a constructive conversation about our relationship downstairs and hope to set some bed time deadlines so we can get to bed at decent hours.


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