Tuesday March 22 2022

Waking up kind of early at 10:45 a.m.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Rebecca and I drive out to Nigel’s house for a band meeting along with Jimmy the Greek. We have much to debrief from the last string of shows and to prepare for the next. There’s a list to address dealing with merch and various band drama. Being the micro manager that he is sometimes it’s hard to deal with but Nigel is usually reasonable. Meanwhile, one of his grandbabies is marching around the house.


After leaving the house we ride back towards Hilltop. Something that was said in the meeting offended Rebecca. We try to sort it out all the while rushing back to make her 2:00 lesson time. Meanwhile, I discover I left my bag at Nigel’s, which has my car keys and the Music Makers phone and such. Boy, what a day this is turning out to be.


Back home for some lunch – I ended up walking.

Eggs. English Muffin. Spinach. Coffee.


Teaching lessons at Music Makers.



Right after we have a meet up with some of the kids that will be doing some choreography for The Wall show this Saturday. Rebecca helps me orchestrate it – even though it’s late we have a good time figuring it out.


Chatting with Rebecca outside, I sense how troubled she is about the meeting earlier today and what was said – it really brought her down and made her feel reactive and defeated. She was grateful for the iced chai latte I brought her considering there wasn’t any time for her to grab decent food. I just want her to feel appreciated and try to sort out what’s going on in her head.


Back home. Making some quick dinner: Edamame with Vegan Sausage, Zucchini, and Rice.


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