Friday March 11 2022

Waking up bright and early at 9:30 a.m.


We hit the road in the rental leaving the Holiday Inn behind.

Breakfast Bar. Tea.

Ron takes the wheel and drives us through the sunny but cold Iowa plains. Passing an endless field of wind turbines – we later find out from a gas station cashier lady that the energy produced from them gets sent to New York City.


About 3 hours later we arrive at Kansas State University. Setting up in the McCain Auditorium, a massively tall theater with a maze of corridors and doors to navigate.


Setting up everything on stage – sound check – dinner (Chicken, Potatoes, Salad, Veggies).


Before show time I try to get in a better head space – I’ve got a headache and just not feeling enthused. But after the first few songs in the set performer mode kicks in for all of us and we put on a stellar show as usual.


Doing the meet and greet afterwards talking with all the fans and signing autographs. Then, we gotta pack it up and get out of there.


No local hotel for tonight – most of our crew decides to drive all the way to St. Louis. With Casey, Ron, and Rebecca in our Kia rental. Casey drives the first half and late Rebecca drives the rest of the way (about a 5 hour drive or so). I sit in the passenger seat queuing up songs and keeping ourselves awake through the night.


Finally we all arrive at the River City Casino – it’s a whole ordeal just finding our way to the hotel room registration and parking the cars. But eventually we make it to our semi fancy rooms.


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