Sunday March 13 2022


Waking up reluctantly at 11:15 a.m. in the hotel room.


Linking up with our crew downstairs in the lobby – grabbing some hot tea and munching on a breakfast bar with Rebecca.


We all take the rental cars to the airport and thus begins our airport adventure day. Rebecca and I get held up shuttling to the terminal – the guy stops to pick up all kinds of people – we barely make it to the gate just in time – then another problem comes up – Jimmy uses my digital boarding pass instead of his cause we both have James as first names – but finally we settle into our seats – the 3 R’s as we call it (Ron, Robert, and Rebecca).


St. Louis to La Guardia. The three of us are mesmerized by a nearby guy flicking his fingers vigorously at a Rubix Cube. Ron starts timing his solves. High up in the air we can see the land start to turn white with snow – we’ve seen all kinds of extreme temperatures on this tour. I try to sleep but end up doing the “resting my eyes” thing mostly.


At La Guardia. We’ve got about a 2.5 hour layover but then all the weather delays change it to almost 4 hours. Jimmy goes off on his own while some of us grab some pizza in the food court. Later, finding a recharge station to catch up on business while we wait – Rebecca and I both pull out our laptops and type away – working out some business related things. Meanwhile, our flight keeps getting delayed and delayed. Apparently, computers all over the world had issues yesterday – something to do with the war in Ukraine.



After doing some physical activity on a city themed playground we finally make it on board the flight to Norfolk! Only a 45 minute ride and we’re home.


Back home. I walk in on Ana vacuuming and cleaning the living room. Enjoying a PB Pita and some of her homemade Apple Pie. She’s not thrilled with the lack of communication between her and I while being gone. We can’t seem to find a middle ground.


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