Saturday January 1 2022

Waking up pretty late almost till 1 p.m.


I make Ana and I Pancakes for breakfast – they’re fluffy but mediocre.


Catching up on business and things.


Many errands and things to do. Ana and I drive around in the truck – grabbing some grub at Zeke’s – hanging MDW flyers around – dropping off some cards – stopping by Target.


Back home. Ana makes dinner: BBQ Tempeh with Cauliflower, Broccoli, Squash, and Quinoa.

We get into some constructive conversations at the dinner table.


Cleaning up.


Doing the account for Music Makers.


Organizing some stuff at the studio and rearranging things.


Back home. It’s super late, almost 5 a.m. Ana and I make fire before sleep time.


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