Friday December 31 2021


Waking up around 12:20 or so. On my left is Elvis curled up perfectly against my leg. On my right is Ana all snuggled up.


Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Blueberries, and Almond Milk. English Breakfast Tea.


Driving over to Elliott’s house in Norfolk to practice one time with his band Obscure Son along with Kyle and Taylor. We hole up in his decked out garage building running the set. It’s my first time playing bass on these songs with them and it honestly runs smoothly.


PB&J. Plantain Chips. Coffee.


At home preparing to leave the house. I gave Ana a time that we need to leave and now she’s stressing out about getting ready. She does this whenever we go out somewhere for an event – she gets overwhelmed and then declares she doesn’t wanna go. I have to be at the place early to set up the PA and all that.


At Cheeky Servo off 18th Street at the oceanfront. None of us have ever been here before. It’s run by a very chill guy named Dan – a motorcycle and auto repair shop by day but a hang out spot by night. They even have a grill and serve easy eats. The bands are here and I’m putting everything together right in front of this vintage truck. Gone goes on first, Nate’s band with another guy and Elliott on bass. Somehow Wes managed to scoop up Ana and get her here. It’s a shame Ladada wasn’t able to play. Bobby had to back out for Covid reasons. A lot of debate went into this show even happening up until now but we’re here and everything is fine.

Enjoying a Corn Dog with this Potato Tortadoe.

I get up to play bass in Obscure Son, Elliott’s side project from You’re Jovian. It goes over really well I’d say.


Afterwards, Ana and I link up at Wes’s place over off Mill Dam. He’s got a great pad. Derek, from The Sand Tones (Ronnie’s duo band), is here – he’s got two drum kits set up in the living room. Wes compiles a bunch of amps, guitars, a steel guitar, and an organ for all of us to jam, to which we happily do. Meanwhile, Jen and some girlfriends of hers hang out in the kitchen. Sipping on champagne and bringing in the New Year with music. Bye bye 2021!


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