Friday December 24 2021

Waking up really late at 1:30 p.m. Glad to get plenty of extra rest.


Ana made us Waffles for breakfast.


After finding out she tested positive for Covid I’m pretty sure I have it also but there’s no way to tell till I get tested. However, I am experiencing shortness of breath and mild fluish symptoms.


Taking care of things around the house – running errands – grabbing groceries at Whole Foods cause most everything will be closed tomorrow.


Eggs. Spinach. Toast. Coffee.


Home. We FaceTime my dad and his wife and chat for a long time.


Catching up on things.


Warming up dinner for Ana and I: leftover Vegetable Soup with Sardines, Beets, and Quinoa.

We decide to open up one present from each other.

Then, watching The Matrix Resurrections (2021), highly anticipated by me.


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