Saturday January 8 2022

Waking up very late almost 1 p.m.


Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Catching up on business.


At the gym working out upper body and chest.


Picking up stuff from Whole Foods.


Lunch: Eggs. Toast. Chips. Micro Greens with Lentil Sprouts. Coffee.

While trying to sprout the lentils a little while ago I discover they can be eaten raw after a certain time.


Later on, returning some pants to REI then driving out to Norfolk.

Meeting a guy named Alex who lives with his girlfriend about a piano they were selling on Facebook. It’s a super nice Roland digital piano. They just moved into this new loft apartment that looks inspiring fit with a kitchen island and so much space to cook. They’re originally from somewhere overseas.


At the studio rearranging the back room to fit this piano in there.


Back home. Making a quick dinner for myself: Naan Pizza with Sardines and Chard.

Watching The Power of the Dog (2021).


At the studio organizing gear and things.


Pineapple and Yogurt.


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