Sunday August 29 2021

Waking up around noon.


Ana and I grab Commune for brunch after seeing First Watch was super packed.

Waffles, Eggs, and Coffee.


Catching up on business.


Putting all the music gear away and organizing at the studio.


Stopping by the Broadway auditions at the ELO space. A small group is here reading through the script while Carol, Haley, and Rebecca take notes and make decisions on who should do what part. Reid is here helping – he’ll be officially working the rehearsals at some point.


Driving out to Williamsburg for the evening. My dad and Patty are staying the weekend here – they were at the show yesterday. My stepsister, Jennifer, and her 4 year old boy are here along with some other family. We all have a good time enjoying dinner. Tilapia with Spanish Rice, Salad, and Breadfruit. Doing the uncle thing with the kids – showing them tricks they can do with their bodies and playing games with them.


Back home. Settling down. Recapping with Ana.


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