Saturday August 28 2021

Waking up at 11:30 a.m.


Loading up the truck and station wagon (2 car loads) with music gear. Ana and I have a gig today at Commonwealth Brewing, our first time performing there but also first time performing in a year as Musicplayer.


I always like to arrive 3 hours early cause that gives me plenty of time to tweak and set up the way we want. They’ve got us in the plant corner – some of the leaves hang over the drum set and PA speaker. It’s so hot that I have to stick up blankets over the windows to shade the gear.


Enjoying some wood fired Pizza from the brewery.



Ana and I perform almost 3 hours worth of material. The sound is washed out and boomy in this room but we put on an energetic show including a diverse library of songs. My dad and his wife Patty are here along with my step-sister and her family. I say a few special words in the mic about my dad serving in the Air Force and in general being thankful for him. He requested “All I Have to Do is Dream”. Afterwards, he grabs a hug from the stage – an endearing moment.



Later on, towards the end of the show we invite Billy, my longtime student at Music Makers, on the stage to play guitar on the last three songs including Bohemian Rhapsody. Also, at random we invite a 5-year old girl, Cindy, to play drums on “Satisfaction”. She does quite well at staying on the beat the whole time. You can tell how thrilled and happy she is after. The crowd goes wild. I love the unpredictable closeout moments at shows like these. Then, some military dudes start up karaoke hour while Billy, Ana, and I hold it down on the instruments.


Talking with a lot of people afterwards, parents and brewery patrons. Billy’s brothers and friends help load all the gear to the cars.


Ana and I stop by the Blue Cow to try some Ice Cream there.


Back home – catching up on the night.


Later on, I take some chairs to the ELO space and get the place organized and clean for some dance/Broadway activities.


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