Monday August 2 2021


Hopped up on Coffee and Pretzels, I’m behind the wheel of the rental van driving Ron, John, Jimmy, and Rebecca through the most tedious drive ever. It’s 5 hours till the Denver airport and we’re forced to take a detour cause of the mudslide closures on I-70.


Discovering how beautiful of a drive we’re on after realizing we’re surrounded by aspen trees in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Of course, we can’t see anything cause it’s pitch black in the middle of the night. Easing our way through White River National Forest spotting bobcats, deer, coyotes, and other wildlife of the like – being extra careful on all the hair pin shaped turns. Even though it’s summer the thermostat reads 40 degrees out. Definitely not a boring drive. Of course, we stop somewhere and take in the stars again.


Later on, Ron takes the wheel. Once we arrive at the airport it’s less stressful than we imagined. Some of us already checked in beforehand. Jimmy enjoys a cigarette and John has to check in – Rebecca and I leave them to fend for themselves. We make our way through security without complications. Up on the second floor we come across a free nap station! I’ve never seen one of these. It’s very hard to nap from all the constant intercom announcements so I catch up on writing.


On the plane attempting to sleep – dozing in and out of uncomfortable positions. But a 3 hour flight and we’re landed in Norfolk. Megan’s dad was nice enough to pick us up from the airport.


Before Rebecca and I part ways I tell her how proud I am of her role in the band and this being her first initiated trip she fit right in.


Taking care of myself...

Eggs, Toast, and Tea.

Showering – unpacking – napping.


Teaching a few evening lessons.


Ana got off work a bit later for a Monday. I expected to give her a big hug and have a nice dinner but she is obviously brooding about something. After picking up Nawab it comes out that she’s upset I didn’t contact her much over the weekend. These kinds of trips are hectic with all the driving and interacting with everyone. We get into a heated debate about our relationship. This is crazy that as soon as I get home this is what I have to deal with. I thought the distance would’ve brought us closer together but apparently not. It’s very stressful.


Catching up on business and chores.


Doing the accounting.


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