Sunday August 1 2021

Waking up whenever I feel like it this morning. It was a long drive last night. In Rifle, Colorado. I pull up the shades and I see a beautiful mountain view.



Breakfast Bar. Tea.


I set up shop in the dining room in the lobby to catch up on business – writing and Music Makers stuff.


We drive over to the venue, which isn’t far away – just a hop over the Colorado River right in the heart of downtown Rifle, CO – The Ute Theater. It’s a cute little place and the town seems to have a rich Indian Western history.


Rebecca, Casey, and I take a stroll down the block and grab some grub from a Mexican joint. Sharing a Fish n Chips.


Setting up on stage and running a pretty smooth sound check.



They feed us a pretty good dinner: Chicken with Quinoa, Veggies, and Pita.


Then, it’s on with the show! We do our two sets – great energy from the crowd. It being a smaller room it’s a little more intimate but that’s what makes it a good time.


Afterwards, greeting some of the fans of ELO in the lobby – these people really love this stuff.


Corralling back at the hotel and preparing to drive 5 hours to the Denver airport. If it wasn’t for that big mudslide that shut down the interstate it might’ve taken us only a few hours.


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