Saturday June 1 2019


Waking up at 9:50 a.m.

Loading up Ana’s car with Musicplayer gear. Her and I are performing at the O’Connoroo Summer Carnival. The rain had it’s turn all night and morning but now the sun is here to stay brightening up faces and reddening the skin of all carnival goers. Ronnie Talman and Daniel Neale open up the music part of the event at noon with their one-man band style playing – accordions, suitcases, trumpet kazoos, tambourines with all four limbs. Then, Ana and I do a smaller version of our usual tunes with a few surprises. At one point my guitar strap fell off during “Dead Leaves...” but I kept playing. Ana ran over in a timely manner putting my strap back on all the while I continue gripping the guitar and playing. Musically, it would’ve felt like nothing went wrong to an outsider. A great moment of ingenuity.

During, Ana had been dealing with an unusual amount of anxiety before and after we went on. I don’t know how to help her except be supportive and encouraging.


Enjoying a PB&J Iron Pie and a Crab Cake Sandwich from the food stands.

As we’re loading out we discover an issue on the train tracks. A team of Norfolk Southern employees are looking for the owner of truck that parked too close to the tracks. The train is patiently waiting until they find the idiot.

Then, we drive back to Virginia Beach to prepare for the second carnival of the day at Church of the Holy Family. More packing and unloading and transporting – it never ends. We’re having our Music Makers LIVE bands from last Sunday perform here. It’s a bit stressful setting up the stage and organizing the whole thing. But in the end it’s rewarding to watch the kids and adults alike improve their show. At the end we gather a few people on the stage and jam out to songs unrehearsed like “Ramble On”, “Immigrant Song”, “Psycho Killer”, “Satisfaction”, “Love Me Two Times”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, etc. Drew holds it down on the drums, Mike on guitar, Devon/Ana on bass, I on guitar, and both Megans on vocals.

Little Megan and her dad stay behind and help pack and load out gear. She’s becoming a consistent protégé of mine beyond just teaching lessons.

Back home after putting all the stuff back at Music Makers. I leave it a mess there and plan on getting to it the next day. Mom cooks up a simple Cabbage and Green Bean thing for us to complete our food that was lacking vegetables today.

A big sigh of relief as I take my last conscious breath in bed.

[i] Image by me.

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