Friday June 14 2019

Waking up around 11 a.m. Ana and I enjoying some Biscuits, Pastries, and Coffee at Three Ships.

Over the phone talking with mom. She starts crying about how overwhelming the upcoming surgery is gonna be. She wanted to talk to me last night about it but I got home so late. It’s important that I spend as much time with her as I can cause she needs me.

At Abbey Road lugging all the music gear onto the stage and setting everything up for later tonight.

At the register at The Heritage trying to buy some wet wipes, tea, and elderberry syrup. There was an issue with a customer’s card and their system. The lady apologies to me, “Sorry sir. Thank you for being so patient.”

“It’s okay. Time is relative anyway,” I reply.

“Well not everyone sees it that way.”

Leftover Couscous with Egg and Kombucha Tea.

Back home. Relaxing with Ana. We pick up our guitars and practice for a little bit.

At Abbey Road Pub & Restaurant for the Musicplayer gig. It’s nice to just walk in here and line check all the instruments without having to worry about setting everything up. Ana and I do our usual set of songs along with guest appearances from Beth, Calvin, and Megan (students of mine). Mike Gombas shows up having just finished up another gig of his. Him and I go way back and are both strong supporters/fans of each other’s music. Megan’s parents allow her to stick around up until the end helping us with drums on “Satisfaction” and singing a few Queen songs. Ana and I both feel good about our performance. I’m proud of her.

After lugging all the gear back to the studio I sit around the dining room booth with Ana and mom discussing the night and watching clips.

Sleep 4:30 a.m.

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