Wednesday November 26 2014

In Route to Goldsboro (November 26 2014) (4)[i]

Around 9:30 a.m. I'm awoken by Ana's icy fingertips on my back.

Me: "Whoa! Did you just dip your fingers in ice water?"

"Yes," she says reassuringly. "Time to wake up dear!"

Then she stretches out her foot and threatens to touch me with her icy toes.

Me: "You're like an Ice Queen."


In the next room over Darren's going off on a rant using the F word like a Martin Scorsese film. It's expected to hear an early morning argument from Darren and Devon. 

Enjoying a warm and hearty breakfast together of Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Maca Powder, Maple Syrup, Chia Seeds, Strawberries, Almond Milk, and Coffee.

We got an early start this morning so we can fit in some gym time at The Escape. The weather is super nasty – rain and wind whooshing down just outside the fitness room windows.

Ana's Sauna Yoga (November 26 2014)

After packing the car we head off into the dreary afternoon in route to North Carolina to see my dad and the family. Ana takes the wheel. Nourishing ourselves with Chic Pea Salad Sandwiches. I add Baked Lentil Chips and a Banana to my meal. Plugging in the iPod and sifting through every genre from every spectrum of Christian music I used to listen from hardcore punk to metal to electro pop to pop punk to hip-hop. Banging hard on my air drums and shaking my head.

In Route to Goldsboro (November 26 2014) (1)

In Route to Goldsboro (November 26 2014) (2)

In Route to Goldsboro (November 26 2014) (3)

Three and a half hours later arriving at my dad's house in Goldsboro.


Sitting down on the couches in the living room. My dad chats with my great-uncle JW on the phone while Patty (dad's wife) points to my dad and I explaining to Ana, "Good man. Good heart. They's a good man."

Dad's Bathroom (November 26 2014)

Christmas Tree (November 26 2014)

Dad takes us to downtown Goldsboro where all the old historic buildings are and all the local restaurants are. We settle on The Flying Shamrock, a popping Irish pub. Food-wise Ana and I are prepared to venture into less vegan/vegetarian spectrums. Enjoying an Artichoke-Spinach Dip and a Flatbread Pizza. My dad and I sip on a couple Blue Moons. He says he actually hasn't been drinking since he retired, which was a couple months ago. He's a very social and likable character. He's representing his NC State wolf pack sweater and Air Force cap – befriending the restaurant manager and pitching the idea of me performing here sometime in the future. It's good to be here and especially with Ana by my side.

The Flying Shamrock in Goldsboro (November 26 2014)

Dad at The Flying Shamrock (November 26 2014)

Dad and I (November 26 2014)

Afterwards, my dad drives us around to do a little sight seeing – passing by Herman Park, a place he used to bring me when I was a little boy – there was (and still is) a mini train you could ride around the perimeter of the park – I have faint but fond memories here. There's a bit of a humorous spat between my dad and Patty over a phone conversation. Patty tends to interrupt or talk too much when my dad tries to speak and he doesn't like it. It's mostly playful between them but there will always be mini disputes.

Checking out Dumb and Dumber To (2014) at the theater.

Back at dad's house. Jennifer, my stepsister is here lying on the couch watching the Disney channel. She just got home from a new job of hers at Bath & Bodyworks. We all hang out in the living room. My dad is reminded of an old kid's movie he claims I used to watch over and over again as a boy called Pete's Dragon from 1977. He locates it from a videocassette shelf and puts it on. I'm taken back in time remembering all those funny and strange moments in the movie.

Sleep 3 a.m.

[i] Images by me.

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