Saturday November 22 2014

Italicized Apple (November 22 2014)[i]

Waking up at 10:30 a.m.

Oatmeal with Cinnamon, Maple Syrup, Maca Powder, Blueberries, Strawberries, and Almond Milk. Coffee.

All day shift at China Wok.


Just another typical day for a delivery driver. I've noticed Ling's impatience and temper grow increasingly worse over time. He used to be a little jollier back when I first started working here. But now, it doesn't matter what it is, it could be the smallest and most insignificant error and he will grill the hell out of you. I know it's not just me. Darren and Kevin both experience this. In response I'm losing my tolerance for his lack of respect. The real problem stems from one thing: he's not learning English. Because of that there's always a miscommunication and it deters him from even trying to explain himself when there's information to be expressed. And to add to it he's overworked. There's just no escape for him. It's just work, work, work, day in and day out. I totally understand where all the aggression comes from. What else can I do but just tolerate it? It's a good stable job that I don't want to lose.

Chic Pea Salad Sandwich with Tomato. Baked Lentil Chips. Cacao Raw Protein Drink.

Ana shows up. I hand over her own container of the Cacao Raw Protein Mix along with a freshly blended drink. She, of course, rides in the passenger seat on my deliveries. I turn on a recording of my last voice lesson for us to reference as we sing through vocal exercises together. 

An italicized Honey Crisp Apple. More Baked Lentil Chips.

I get through the day slowly but surely. Eventually, I arrive in my bedroom with a hot bowl of Broccoli and Rice. I sprinkle on some slivered Almonds. I keep the convection heater going to keep the room warm and toasty.

Sleep 4 a.m.

[i] Image by me.

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