Tuesday March 22 2011

DREAM: Sitting at a desk—meeting with a guy wearing a suit—maybe he’s a realtor or an insurance agent. He says he can get me the best deal—handing me a booklet and two bottles, one with green touch-up paint for my car and the other with some special chemical in it. Curious what I’m supposed to do with this I ask, “So the better my car looks the better the deal we can get?” I watch as his face changes into a deep nasty purple. I am reminded of Violet from the Willy Wonka movie when she turns blue-faced. I thought this guy was getting frustrated or angry, like maybe he couldn’t handle my question. He tries to explain everything and assures me we will get the best deal. ☼☼☼☼☼ Walking through an industrial site where they manufacture salt. I’m with a few different people. Ben Haines points out a pile of black coal off to the side, “If I find out that all this salt is made from coal…” I can’t hear the rest of his statement but I assume he meant he would never eat salt again.

It’s 3:20 p.m. I can barely open my eyes. She’s standing there with a bright smiling just-got-back-from-the-gym face—just saying hi.

Breakfast: Blueberry Pop Tart. Orange Juice. Zinc, Vitamin D.


Search Engine Evaluation.

Josiah: “I love milk!”

Lunch: Grilled Cheese with Tomato. Salt n Vinegar Chips. Honey Green Tea. Strawberry Yogurt.

The whole gang is here at the house minus a few people. Chad is back in town!

Pizza, Beer, Cookies, Milk, Poker, Boys, Girls…

We’ve got eight players—the atmosphere is thick with camaraderie.

Meaning to say “actually” Art pronounces the word to sound like “sexually” and I hear laughter in the kitchen.

Rachel takes on the role of “the woman”—waitressing to us boys at the poker table—bringing me some milk, bringing Doug some beer, and feeding the winner of each round a grape like a king.

Emily puts on the apron and baked us all cookies.

It’s a long and vigorous game boiling down to Chad and Roma, who forfeits with second place. I take third and win my 2 bucks back.

James is describing to Rachel and I this garlic festival that happens in San Diego where they serve garlic flavored ice cream. “If we can’t find Robert we know where he is!” Rachel likes to profess how crazy I am about garlic because I’m always offering her a raw clove of garlic.

Later into the night—lounging on the couch—Chad meddling with some hypnotic notes on the guitar while Josh and Josiah emit strange animal noises.

Josiah and Rachel start a band called Disaster Raster (I made up the name).

Eating Fried Egg with Rice and Chickpeas.

Using Margot’s car for the newspaper route because my car won’t be repaired until tomorrow—she’s a blessing.

Coast to Coast Radio—an Australian that claims to be in contact with extra terrestrials two or three times a week shares his thoughts on our apocalyptic future.

Back home, Josiah, Rachel, and Josh went dumpster diving and brought back a bunch of goodies.

Eating Baby Broccoli and Peppers in Beef Bouillon. Garlic Naan Bread. Dried Figs. Grapes.

I head over to the queen’s place to spend the night—that way she’ll have her car to use to go to the gym when she wakes up. I’ll join her in that big cozy bed of hers—probably cuddle and enjoy the entanglement of our bodies.

Sleep 9 a.m.

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