Friday March 25 2011

Last night the queen calls me right before I’m about to settle down into bed—she requests I come over and sleep in her bed instead. Geez. Of course. Even though I just drove out that way to drop her off to her car, I comply because I like the idea of sleeping next to her warm reverberating body.

DREAM: I arrive at the newspaper plant. As I roll the cart of yesterdays up the ramp, some lady that works there explains the room I usually collect papers in has moved. I get frustrated because it’s understood in my mind that things have been different all day and this is just one more thorn in my side. “So where am I supposed to go? Why is everything different today?” I lug my cart over to this other room that is dubbed “The Return Room” (for the newspaper returns). I approach Debbie, the supervisor, and ask, “Is this the return room?” I drop off my cart of papers and walk back outside to my car. Anna (Russian friend I met a few summers ago) is standing there—she’s a boss or something. Feeling an awkward affection towards her. I lift her arm up to my nose intending to kiss but only take a whiff as if beauty had a scent, which it does. Then, I walk away.

Margot wakes me up just before 5 p.m. She’s blow-drying her hair in the bathroom—Wrapping my arms around her chest and watch as she combs and fixes up her hair.
I head back to my house.

Breakfast: English Muffin with Peanut Butter. Orange Juice. Zinc, Vitamin D.

Ken and Emily are here to shoot some scenes from their film, In Passing.

I play a small role as a dude named Alonzo hanging out at Show N Tell who introduces his self and a friend to Emily, who plays a girl named Lauren. Shooting the scene in the attic—doing many takes. Part of the shot involves me lighting up a clove cigarette, which I have to do like 10 times, going through almost 4 in a row. Despite having never acted in a movie before, it felt natural—we did a lot of improvisation.

Making Grilled Cheeses for everyone—eating one with Tomato and Salt n Vinegar Chips, Honey Green Tea.

Emily makes mention to me about the Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from Trader Joe’s. This thing is the new craze apparently. I love them. They’ve even sold out.


It’s a packed house with a slew of unique presentations from dance moves to song performances to comedy to random banter.

Louis is intrigued with the squishy sound a carrot makes when it penetrates the inside of a lemon. I coerce him and Josh to eat really thick raw cloves of garlic. Rachel is a witness.

Eating leftover Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce, Onions, and Peppers. A Carrot. Garlic Bread.

There’s a small dispute with a police officer about the noise—as well, he was looking for a girl in particular. It’s an awkward situation as he trots into the house by my side catching a glimpse of all the innocent madness going on everywhere—the Folk the System gang jamming on guitars—people dancing and being rowdy. Everybody shuts up at the sight of him. He leaves shortly after giving me a warning about alcohol being visible on the porch and such (the usual cop confrontation).

Just across the street from the Wawa nearby, a semi-truck trailer caught fire—17-foot flames! After seeing Kenneth’s van running nearby, Wesley’s convinced he had something to do with it, which isn’t the case but Kenneth sure did get some good photos.

Rachel tags along with me on the newspaper route.

At the plant—the paper truck is running late—she’s documenting my work through photos:!/album.php?fbid=10150114369491230&id=709546229&aid=280428

Me: “There’s all these subtle behavior signals that people give each other, even if it’s unintentional, just being alone with somebody opens up the door for some kind of intimate connection, not even just romantically. And there’s something special about that. And most people recognize that and take advantage of that. I mean why not.”

Looking back at the fresh pile of newspapers, she says, “We have tomorrow. No, we have today!”

Sniffing my fingers I reply, “I think I smell like garlic…and newspapers. That’s such a good combination of smells.”

Rachel: “Garlic and newspapers!”

Rachel: “I did a lot of avoiding tonight.”

Listening to random call-ins on Coast to Coast Radio with eyewitness accounts of Bigfoot.
Stop at 7-11 to get a Bowtie Donut and Milk.

Rachel: “I feel like I’m going to walk in on you eating a garlic donut one day.”

I drop her off halfway through the route.

Eating two Fried Eggs over Medium and a Hershey’s Bar.

Leaving the car at the shop.

Sleep 9:45 a.m.

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