Tuesday August 30 2022

Waking up around 9 or so in the morning. Dad awakens me a few times.


Dad, Patty, and I ride over near the fishing pier of Kure Beach to check out this breakfast place called Ocean View Restaurant. I enjoy a hefty stack of Lemon Blueberry Pancakes with Bacon and Coffee.



Then, we check out Fort Fisher State Historic Museum, a very famous Civil War battleground. We take a stroll around the big mounds where long ago the Confederate army lost to the Union, a pivotal victory in the Civil War. Nearby a big group of Marine guys are taking a field trip. We hear a few fake gun shots go off I guess for a reenactment. It’s interesting to read about what happened here though.



Then, we have our hand at fishing on the pier at the recreation center near the cottage. We catch a few small fish, not worth keeping though. But my dad catches a mantis shrimp, the ones with the punchers that can break shells at 50 mph. My dad said he never saw one before in his life. Nearby, a few old guys with Vietnamese wives try to catch crabs.



Getting dinner at the Hang Ten Grill. Enjoying some Mahi Fish Sandwiches with Fries.


Later on, shooting the basketball around. A dad and his little kid are on the other hoop. He offers to play me 1v1 for fun. Then, Patty and I shoot around.


Over by the pier we decide to lounge on the end watching the sun go down. I put on some CCR station on YouTube – “Born on the Bayou” plays in the background appropriately to fit the surrounding pier sight with the waves rolling in the moonlight. Dad and I talk about some family history, music, and politics.



All cleaned up and lounging back in the cottage.


Snacking on Popcorn and watching Lord of the Rings.


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