Saturday August 27 2022


Waking up around noon from heavy dreams.


Orange Melon. Breakfast Bar. Tea.


Catching up on computer things – scheduling.


Running errands – Target – Whole Foods.


Eggs. Bagel. Baby Broccoli. Coffee.


I drive out to Toast for the Lava Mini Fest – out in the gravel parking lot they’ve got a wide stage set up for two bands at once to be set up. All kinds of local and regional acts perform…



It’s fun hanging with everyone eating sandwiches and drinking things that make you happy. My band, Ladada, gets on and of course all kinds of things go wrong but no one notices. It doesn’t matter that Wes broke a guitar string, or that the back lined bass rig didn’t work, or that Bobby ended a song early, or that I couldn’t hear myself. We had a blast and so did the crowd.



Back in VB I stop by the studio to finish organizing all the gear leftover from last night’s show.


Home. Doing laundry and whatever. Rebecca stops by to spend time with Elvis and we catch up on the day’s events.


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